Alright.. this is my first little post (first EVER on wordpress).. this blog is dedicated to all things Vizsla, focusing on my own, “Luna.” (though I can’t guarantee it will keep her out of my photo blog) World…Welcome to Luna’s world. I will try and keep you posted on happenings.. there are always happenings.. now, on to customizing…

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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5 Responses to Newbie

  1. hd55 says:

    Great photos, and obviously a wonderful dog. Will you use Luna for hunting at all?


    • Anna says:


      I will indeed use her for hunting. I haven’t posted her official AKC name with titles.. But she has her JH.. finding time to get work done towards her SH title is proving a huge challenge.. darn work schedules.. But I want to get her done with in the hunt test area so we can really hunt her. Found a place that still carries woodcock and hope to put her on them one day. She LOVES to hunt.. and I can’t wait to get her back to it..

      thanks for coming by

  2. hd55 says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention….if you ever want to see what its like training two similar dogs on the other side of the atlantic take a look at my diary. It may make you laugh 🙂


  3. hd55 says:

    Hi again,

    It will be interesting to see how things work out. Luna looks wonderful and will no doubt give you plenty of fun….and I daresay the odd frustration if she is anything like my pointers!

    Keep at it!

    Bye for now

    • Anna says:

      Hello Howard,

      I will try and keep things simple.. I don’t raise my own, but others do. Laurie (the breeder) gets the “game” birds from friends who raise them, and will keep them around for training (usually in with her pigeons). She raises homing pigeons though, and we often use them for training. We don’t have much if any local land to run our dogs on, that would have wild birds. There is a rumor that there are some wild woodcock up in Maryland (the state above me) and in parts of my state there are probably some wild birds, but close enough for training. So in order to train, we have to set up scenarios for them with our “wild” birds. Basically we start with them young, just exposing and building their prey drive as you can see when she’s 9 weeks.. Then you begin to let them search them out and establish point etc. We would tie cord to the quail to limit their movement so a puppy would actually be able to catch it and get interested. The pigeons too we would sometimes tie a cord and piece of hose to to slow them down so we could catch them ourselves and replant them to train more. This eliminates having to put out a bunch of birds and hope they all make it back to the house (hawks are very high in numbers here, and have taken out a couple pigeons and love to watch us hunt). So the string is removed at the end but it’s basically just to slow the bird down while the dogs are young.

      I wish we had land around here to train on that was public, and would LOVE to actually have more wild game.. but we don’t. To really get the puppy to start putting two and two together we will often take them to a friends and run them as well, so they figure out “hey I’m here to find some birds” no matter where we’re at.

      Does that make sense? Sorry if I didn’t answer your question..

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