Photo bits

Here are some shots of Sam that I’ve captured.. Looks like he will be staying with us until friday probably due to the second snow storm that’s currently hitting us now. Mom can’t get a flight back in from FL until friday.

Look at ’em ears

Stopping to pose for me at the arboretum, he got the orange hunting collar so I could keep an eye on him. Can you tell him and Luna are sibling (half anyway)?

What to do with all this leg

Proud of his digging

Same is at his awkward stage.. 8 months.. He has lots of leg, ear, and nose to him… He has a great gate and uses it freely. He loves to dig in the snow, seeing as Luna isn’t all that keen into playing (probably because she can sense his underlying motives for interest in her), he entertains himself. He is a sweet boy, and has been fitting in pretty well.

And since it’s Luna blog afterall I couldn’t NOT post a picture of her (yes I know that was a double negative or whatever)…

Doing what she does best… smelling for critters, happenings, people, food… etc etc.. PS.. I LOVE this photo.. may see it as a banner or business card maybe?? I love the exposure, which lends to the subject, which has amazing lines and flow to it (her)… Love it! Do you?

And a shot of the snow.. I rather like this one too.. Leaving the light/color as is since it is winter and it was evening light. May tweak it a bit, but then again I like it this way too. So much texture! and layers..

Alright, time for bed… so I can have strength to shovel the  _____ inches of snow tomorrow.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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2 Responses to Photo bits

  1. Wow he is georgeous. His head seems a little more square. Very handsome, I quite like the last two pictures of him, the colors and overall comps are great!

    • Anna says:

      His mama says thanks.. he has a bit more of a boy look to him.. he doesn’t have a real big head, fits him.. I need to visit some of the other boys so you can see a real square head.. I was helping hold one at the last show, and dang, if he wasn’t related to her I would see about using him.. very handsome. Glad you like the pics, there are more of him I shall put up, and eventually will transfer these to smugmug incase she wants to buy them.

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