Good side..

Just some other shots from the little Easter shoot I did with Luna. I thought they were fun, sooo I thought I would share.

Ready for her close up.. and eager to work for some leftover roast beef…

A little too eager, note the drool…

Not much to update on really. Taking a break from bird work for the most part, though we have been trying to build up her desire for retrieving a bit. She fetched my popsicle today from my hand, and walked at heel with it till I asked for it. And yesterday evening chris shot bumpers for her and she did fantastic. Delivered all of them to hand and didn’t drop a single one. Very cool to see her work for him so well.  When I say fetch, and mention a random object usually I meant that I held it for her and told her to ‘fetch” and she takes it in her mouth and holds till I tell her to “give”, upon which she delivers it to my hand gently. I need to make a point to work her on fetching more random objects from the floor. that’s how we will really get her good at fetching whatever I ask.  Anyhow, it’s fun.

We have 5 week old (nearly 6 weeks)  lab puppies on the farm.. they have really become quite lively lately and I even have to admit they’re pretty cute. I have not had a chance to sort/work up pics of them yet, but you shall see them soon. Luna doesn’t get to really visit with them, only through the fence.  I have a feeling she wouldn’t want as much to do with them as they would her, so it’s just better that way.

Dan’s females are home from Field Trials, until further notice, so the pack has been a little disrupted.  Luna is adjusting well overall (she can be a bit of a brat, especially when females are involved), it will take some time, but she will get it.  She already doing better this time around, due to already having to get used to other dogs introduced to the pack since she’s been here. I am going to make a point to work her around some of the dogs I have in for training too, usually she does just fine with a leash on, I need to remember to use that more often.  Anyway I shall stop boring you. All is well here, especially since we have internet now, one less stress.  You shall see more updates soon, these were long overdue.

For now, I shall hit the hay, should have done so an hour ago.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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2 Responses to Good side..

  1. I cannot get over how cute Luna is! What a beautiful dog, I’m really enjoying reading about her!

    • Anna says:

      She is a looker for sure. I think I picked the perfect breed when it comes to picking a dog for a photographer, then again I also got a beautiful one, but she definitely gives me a lot to work with (when she wants to).. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading about her, you sure went back a ways lol, I shall post soon with her and the latest dog treat I made her. Thanks for stopping by

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