Vizsla (and lab) Christmas, take 2

Here are a couple more photos from the little photo shoot I did with luna..

(yep, she’s a good girl)

(this is one of my new favorite “posed” photos I’ve done of her)

Just wanted to share these before the new year is upon us and they wouldn’t be as appropriate (outside of the fact that it’s a blog about Luna)  Just as I had been contemplating getting Luna in to get her OFA (hip rating/check) before she goes into heat.. she took matters into her own hand and came into season a day after her birthday.  So now she is spending her days out in the kennel, in hopes of reducing the amount of whining from the boys around here. I also bought some chlorophyll capsules/liquid to give her, to see if that helps mask the scent of her with the boys. Wish I had thought to buy some sooner so I could start it right away. I doubt it will do anything this time. But it was cheap, and worth a shot, I plan to really try it next time coupled with the other idea I heard of too.  I am not fond of her being in season, mostly due to her having to be out in the kennel, and it’s hard to have your house dog out there when you live on the property.  It would be one thing if I didn’t… the whole out of sight out of mind.  But we’ll make it work.  Needless to say we celebrated christmas a little early so the pups could enjoy their toys together.

Luna’s training has been put on hold slightly too. For one thing we’ve had snow showers and some serious cold (for these parts). So the last thing I have wanted to do was tie her out on a post. But we are coming to the point where I am going to give her a test and see if she can start her breaking off the post.  Hopefully the light bulbs will be burning when I try it.

Wyatt on the other hand has begun his heel training. And if I must be totally honest, i feel like he has been the easiest dog that I have trained since I have worked here.  On the leash anyway. Put a bird in front of him and good luck. But overall he picks things up very quickly and has a good head on his shoulders. I have a feeling he is going to become a great dog.  And I don’t just think it’s from us raising him that he has so much sense, it’s something he was born with i think (sure we probably helped). We will have to wait and see what age might do..

And just because I mentioned him, here is an updated photo of the Wyatt-nator enjoying one of his first snows

Alright, time to get some sleep, going to be a long day tomorrow (especially since we didn’t get any snow to make it a pretty monday)

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I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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