Morels, no… Bluebells, yes

Thursday we went in search of Morels… but really I just wanted to get the dogs out and enjoy the weather. (no, that’s kinda a lie, I picked our location in hopes of morels). Anyway, no morels were to be found by us.

But we did find some pretty flowers, these are spring Beauties.. not the best photo but I thought it was cute, pardon her long nails they were long due. I will post more artistic photos of these later on my photo blog.

Next we headed for the Virginia Bluebells

Where Wyatt started zoomies and Luna had to join in. I love that I caught them going over the log, the light was a challenge however.  Watching my/our dogs tear around in total abandon is one of my favorite things.

Then they were ready to pose for me a bit in the bluebells

Well Luna gave me a bit of a cold shoulder…

Looks as though wyatt is too but he just wanted to see what she was looking at and I thought it was too cute

She did eventually kinda look at me… this is a common thing while outside. She puts up with my positioning of her, but she gets me back by ignoring me. Yes I realize she can’t rationalize like that, but it sure seems like it sometimes. Anyway, the picture was not perfect but it’ll have to do, and I like it none the less… then we headed back to catch the other trail… But first we had to stop to hunt some water bugs (hunting creeks and shores is Luna’s second love to hunting birds)

And she does it with style

Then more stops for cute pictures, where Luna once again ignored me.. Wyatt was very compliant, he just is a little more difficult to get perched up on things.

I pulled out a mouth squeaker to get these shots, she finally faced me, but she gave me lip about it. Typical for Luna as well

And I couldn’t pass up this window to place her in… no wyatt that time as he did not want to climb up there.

Our other trail ended up being flooded out so we turned around and headed home… 

This time Luna started the chase when we reached the big hill… Poor wyatt was quite tired by that point but he ran up and down the hill a couple times with her.

Now off to finish work, and throw our homing pigeons out before it gets dark.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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3 Responses to Morels, no… Bluebells, yes

  1. 2browndawgs says:

    That is a fabulous picture of Wyatt and Luna jumping over the log. Wyatt is sure getting big. The bluebells are beautiful! Sounds like a great day (except for the lack of Morels).

    • Anna says:

      thanks, lucky shot really but I’m not complaining. He is getting big, I should try and stack him and Luna and get a pic (that would be a challenge for him.) Hopefully he doesn’t get much bigger though I wouldn’t mind a small lab. And yes I agree about the lack of morels… beginning to drive me crazy

  2. ettel says:

    Looks like an awesome hike! And Luna is a really great model, she simply knows that a turned head makes for more dramatic shots =-) You could always shape her to look directly at the camera if you really wanted her to do it.

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