“Bunny” A multipurpose toy…

Just a cute photo I had to share, represents the mood lately anyhow.   Luna decided to use her Bunny as a headrest all on her own… and this was not the first time.  There is nothing holding this bunny up outside of her chin pressure.  Glad I took the time to go grab the camera for once.

I bought the bunny from one of our favorite companies : White Dog Bone. It’s made by HuggleHounds.  They are double stitched and reinforced with a chew guard fabric so it makes for a tuffer but still fun soft toy. Yes dogs can still destroy them. Our bottle Opposum has lost a leg but no others have thus far.  We also have the Skunk.  And they love to shake the small ones too. 

Here is a link (since wordpress is yet again not letting me paste it to link the word) : http://www.whitedogbone.com/knottiesbunny.html

This has been the trend around here lately, napping that is.  The kennel has been busy with 10 dogs here currently for training and more on the way before the week is out.  Couple that with the rain that seems to want to ruin any outdoor plans, and we have some rather bored pups.  I will need to get creative soon as Luna is beginning to fight with her bed and the couch/blankets.  It’s too bad Wyatt does not have the energy to run the yard like she wants.  We did get to the river for a bit sunday, and Luna even went in after a bottle twice.  Normally she doesn’t bother as Wyatt is like a tank when it comes to anything retrieving and my little 38lb girl rather not have to contend with that (so much like her g’malexi)

How do you keep your high energy dogs tired when the weather does not cooperate?

PS. Miss Luna has another show this weekend, and her extended family is coming up from Texas too! Should be a good weekend, her brother Gunner is quite the star down there so maybe the vibe will travel with Amy up here.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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8 Responses to “Bunny” A multipurpose toy…

  1. Kristine says:

    The weather has been really hard for us as well. I still get out twice a day with Shiva and force her to walk with me in the rain for the usual duration. It’s not easy with her distaste of being wet, but we suffer through together. Other than that we play a lot of indoor games: tugging, nose work, trick-training etc. But they say it is sunny outside right now so perhaps we’ll get to the park tonight!

    Luna is just so pretty. 🙂

  2. didiwright says:

    That is such a sweet picture of Luna, and the bunny is not only cute, but also a good, strong toy, it seems. And it had to be pink, of course…I showed your photo to my human daughter and she said she wanted one of those bunnies for herself to sleep with 😀

    George is an angel and a couch potato when he’s had his run, but when the weather is bad and he is bored, he puts on the long face like Luna did in that photo. Then we feel sorry for him and, since we don’t have any other dogs around, end up on the floor, playing with him (more than usual) to help him use up his energy.

  3. didiwright says:

    P.S. I almost forgot, good luck with the show. x

  4. Kristen says:

    That photo is too cute. Bailey likes to use his stuffed animals as pillows too however he doesn’t stand them in such positions. He is also naturally lower to the ground so doesn’t need as big of a “prop up.”

    As far as occupying him when the weather doesn’t cooperate, since he is so small we can do agility inside and we also play with a lot of our puzzle games. We are also lucky because Bailey is so small that we can play fetch down the hallway and he can get a little running in. It’s so much harder with bigger dogs.

    Good luck with your show!

  5. Kas says:

    Hehe that is too cute. And good luck at your show this weekend! Bring home the blues 🙂

    • Anna says:

      blues AND purples.. those are the points ones. Hopefully the heat will stay away as it’s to be 80 and it’s an outdoor show… thank you!

  6. Miss Kodee says:

    Cavaliers are not high energy but if we have too many “indoor” days mine get sulky. I usually play “roll” the ball rather than throw and Kodee loves to bring it to me complete with her bark to let me know she enjoys it. Also fun training or hide and seek for 5 minutes I swear wears them out faster than a 30 min walk. Mental stimulation works great to relax them.

    • Anna says:

      yours especially are probably very content on the days they have to stay in as you already seem to get them out so much. I need to invest in more puzzle type toys, now that we need 2 of everything. And Luna loves hide and seek, and is too good at it. It would be too easy for her in the house, as we live in a really small place. Wyatt needs to learn this one more though, thanks for the reminder.

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