Happy birthday to Me?

I am SO behind on sharing Luna happenings.  I can’t wait to share some of her outings with you all when I get a chance.  Good winter project?  Anyone else notice that as soon as the weather changes to slightly cooler their dogs get more wound up?  Not to mention I end outside longer in the evenings too in efforts to enjoy their antics (wear them out).  Anyway back to the origins of this post.

Notice anything different??

How about now?

Okay, I’ll tell you.  Luna got a new collar!  You should know by now I’m a sucker for collars, as seen in a collar post long ago.  And my friend Nicole, knows me way too well.  This was a birthday present to me, from Silly Buddy, a new awesome collar for Luna.  It’s a purchase I would not have been able to justify. So thank you dear friend it is a lovely gift.

Do you have any guilty vices for your pets? Collars, toys and chews are some of mine, but all but the first make the dogs very happy too (or do all 3??).

Here is a quick phone pick of Luna’s collection, minus 1 lilac collar from her puppy days, pardon the crappy color quality and all the dog hair.

Left to right: Silly Buddy collar from nicole, purple “crazy” collar from Mackenzie Collars after her first major win, pink hunt collar gotta represent in the field, daisy martingale on clearance, purple braided plaid from a co-worker, purple puppy collar, teal clearance reflective collar, and magenta puppy collar.

Not bad for almost 4 years worth right? I should deconstruct some of of the puppy collars and use the hardware to make new collars for her.

Want to see what else we have been up to? Check out the photo blog for some home made goodness. Hope everyone is having a good weekend we have rain, thunder, and lightening here.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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5 Responses to Happy birthday to Me?

  1. Haha I am glad to know someone else who has a fetish for dog collars, I have to stop my self sometimes because there are too many cute ones out there.

    Lovely collection Luna!!

  2. k-Koira says:

    Lol, while I have plenty of collars for my dogs, my real problem is leashes. I have full length bungee leashes, short bungee leashes, six foot leashes, four foot leashes, traffic leads, slip leads, coursing slips, and, of course, multiple of all of those! Your collar collection at least lets you match collar to the day/mood, right?

    • Anna says:

      wow, I have not heard of a leash collection… though I have ended up with more leashes than collars for some reason. Granted several of the leather leashes were bought to use at a former training job… and some slip leads came from kennel scrub pockets… The leads I have purchased have a specific purpose though, so that justifies it right? I like those lure course leads I may have to try and make one of them… and I have been thinking of attempting a braided fleece slip lead for agility. And i need to make a leather tab or two. Thanks for stopping by.

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