Luna’s big day

Well, Luna was up to more important business yesterday.  Her breeder picked her up in the early AM to take her to the vet to get her OFA hip/elbow test. This was the first time she has ever been put under for anything at the vet so I was slightly worried. She did well overall, and upon being brought home in the evening even had a couple runs around the yard.  Soon as she was brought inside I noticed she was still a little loopy.  Since having Wyatt neutered I was not too worried about this as he was far more out of it than she was.  But I was happy to see her interested in eating and drinking anyhow.  Since she was already knocked out to get the X-rays done we also decided to give this vet a go at doing a tattoo for her.

Can you see it??  It’s tucked into her inner left thigh… pardon the crappy photo she was not into being cooperative and the phone was having a bad day.  Luckily the vet was not having a bad day though, her tattoo turned out nice and clear. A little larger than I had thought it would be but I guess that’s better than having a tattoo which leaves you guessing about numbers and letters. And from the initial look at the x-rays they took of the hips and elbows everything looked just fine.  We will have to wait for the official rating to come in the mail.

So why get her hips tested you ask?  First and foremost I have always planned to do it, it just has taken me nearly 4 years (well 2 technically as you can’t officially test before 2 years old).  That is not really a reason I guess.  I like contributing information and research to disease/genetic research.  And I feel like owning a purebred dog, it kinda is my responsibility to do so in the ways I can, especially if I decide to breed her.  Now before anybody gets on their soapbox about me breeding her or not… know that I am still on the fence about whether I will end up breeding Luna.   But I not only think it would be a good thing for her mentally, but I also do feel she has some things she would be contributing to the breed.  However, timing will probably  also be a big factor on my decision and it’s something I will probably have to decide in the next year.  But before I would ever breed her I want her to have a clean bill of health.  We have gotten an eye test, a cardio test, and now a hip/elbow test done and she has passed all with no problems.  We will continue to train and test in different venues but at least I know she is healthy and sound in body.

(the photo above is also sort of ironic, as that is probably the laziest sit she has ever done… normally she has amazing posture all on her own as you have probably seen.)

More OFA facts can be found on their website.

Now back to work in the rain… yep it’s raining cats and dogs yet again.

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9 Responses to Luna’s big day

  1. I kind of like the lazy puppy sit 😉

    No soap box here, I think you should go for it on breeding her then you could have little lunettes 🙂

  2. Bark'n About says:

    Fantastic you completed all Luna’s health tests! I am somewhat of a fanatic for health testing. For Cavaliers it is important for pet owners to have their dogs tested by a cardiologist beginning around 5. Kodee got a clean bill last weekend; murmur free! I can see you just loving watching Luna having her own litter 🙂

    • Anna says:

      Thanks, yeah I know a bit about the health problems that can be present with the Cavaliers. I researched them myself, and my friend has had a couple as well. Kudos to you for getting tests done on yours, I really wish more purebred owners contributed this information to the breed files. I think a lot of it falls on the breeder though too, to keep in touch with the puppy owners and have them report back, sometimes it can seem controlling but I think it is simply being responsible. I would seriously love to see her with a litter, but it’ll come down to timing. I want to do right by her and the litter in how I would raise them, so we’ll see.

  3. I think it is so awesome that you are being so careful about this decision, and having all of the proper health clearances done. I wish everyone who was considering breeding their dog would go through such lengths! 🙂

    • Anna says:

      Thanks! I wish others did this more too, and I am kinda all for more rules on who is allowed to breed their dog. Our breeder actually has some pretty strict rules on it with her pups, but I am okay with that as she will be a huge asset if I do breed her.

      • I, too, would like to see tighter regulations for owners who may be keen to breed their dogs. Hopefully stricter measures would help to discourage irresponsible novice breeding, or ‘backyard breeding’ as it is sometimes called. With Luna, I think you are setting the bar high with professional standards—as it should be. If Luna does have a litter of her own, I’m sure you’ll do a fine job as a doting Gramsy 😉

  4. Mona says:

    whats the tattoo?

  5. Tegan says:

    The world of today is so sad when we have to preface any mention of breeding with ‘before anyone gets on their soapbox’, etc. There is so much sensationalism about breeders breeding poorly, that all those ethical and responsible have a hard time declaring their intentions. Best of luck with Luna’s results. 🙂

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