New headshots for the New Year…

So I thought we would start the new blog year off with some headshots… hopefully you are not sick of the Lunatic’s mug.

These were shot with my new 50mm lens, I made a big photography change this year, more info on my photo blog.  Long story short I no longer have any Canon gear, and have switched to Nikon.

But nobody is complaining around here…

Well maybe Luna was a little… mostly because she wanted the treat..

Here she is “quiet talking” for me… which has started to become a default for her when I am working with her, rather than the usual full bark and smacking.  Guess we were getting somewhere with that trick afterall.

Tricks are something Luna and I will work on more this year… Call it a resolution if you will. But this year I am making a point to do more training/tricks with Luna.  Heaven knows she needs it.   I am usually horrible at resolutions, but hopefully this year will be different (don’t we all say that?)  One way I plan to accomplish this is to buy a trick book I have been eyeing for a year… and try and work our way through as much as we can.  I also want to sign up for a class with her, there is a local kennel club within walking distance, probably something for Rally.

Have you come up with any resolutions for you and your 4-legger??  I hope everyone has had a great 2012 so far. Off to get all these hooligans out of the house for a walk.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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12 Responses to New headshots for the New Year…

  1. What a gorgeous model Luna is and such an expressive face:) Lovely photos. I read on your photo blog why you changed from Canon to Nikon. Glad to know it wasn’t because of performance as I’m thinking of getting a Canon when I eventually know enough to buy a DSLR. But I could end up with a Nikon. Lots to learn and research first:)

    • Anna says:

      Awww thanks, yes her face is very expressive, it is just hard to capture all of the looks she gives. She usually knows when the camera is pointed at her and is very quick in giving the “looks.” I may have switched to Nikon but they have not won me over yet. I still feel like the Canon bodies and menus make a lot more sense.. and the buttons are labeled more clearly whereas Nikon likes to abbreviate more. You would LOVE the speed that a DSLR will give you since it has an actual motor and shutter as opposed to the electric with Point and Shoots.. Check out and for some cheaper prices. Newer models are usually the hot ticket so are pricier when you could easily get away with something like the Rebel line with no problems. It’s not all about megapixels, you can blow up a well taken 6 Mega Pixel photo to poster size no problem. Let me know when you are thinking of getting one and I will help if I can.

  2. Great pictures, love that second one 🙂

  3. These are fantastic! The third one down is my favorite, but I love the pout on the fifth one too. You are going to have so much fun taking pictures in 2012!

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Ed. I love that I managed to capture that third one, lucky “snap away” moment but is SO luna… and you have a sharp eye to see her pout in that 5th shot, most would just see it as her looking attentive but she totally is pouting (shocker, since she pouts a lot)

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    Those pictures came out great. That second one is funny. Your new camera takes nice pictures. No real resolutions for us. Just trying to get through puppy-hood and hopefully try some Master level tests…hopefully.

  5. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    WOnderful photos! I love the one with the ears flying the best!

    Good luck with your trick training! So much fun.

  6. Stunning photos. Your girl is beautiful.

  7. Bark'n About says:

    Wow they are all amazing! I especially love Luna’s expression in the b/w. The eyes are really nice and clear. That is something I need to work on! Looking forward to being inspired by your work this yr.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks, the eyes being clear is mostly just the lens. What are you shooting with? Maybe I can help technically. Yours have such big eyes to work with it you should get lots of practice.

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