More vizslas the merrier?

Recently we had the pleasure of actually being able to attend a local Vizsla meetup.  (back note, I am a member of a facebook group where local DC,MD,VA vizsla owners communicate and often setup meetups for our red dogs)  I have wanted to go to them often but between having 1 car during hunting season (= no car for me) , the distance to the meetups… and then Luna going into heat we simply have not been able to make many of them.  But finally there was one practically just down the road (20 minutes) so we just HAD to find a way to go.  And no worries, wyatt was allowed to join too as an honorary red dog, joined by a GSP as well.

We had upwards of 10 dogs to our group, but all did fantastic.  Here is a look at what a meetup like this might look like

Dogs dogs everywhere… That is Gus the GSP to the right heading back out to the lead.  Luna is in the front with the big orange collar waiting for her buddy to come back.

Two peas in a pod, both born to hunt.   Okay she did not bond and fall madly in love with anyone, I admit it.  She is WAY too hunt oriented when she is outdoors but I did not mind in the least. I kind of just encouraged her to stay out of the main mix.  We had some rescue dogs in our group, so I did not want to have any confused confrontations.

A sea of red!  Can you see wyatt.  At first when I let wyatt off leash he simply didn’t know what on earth to do with so many dogs. I have let him play with quite a few of the training dogs in the yard, and he lives among Luna and 6 other dogs upstairs so he knows a sense of pack.  But not an unknown pack of Vizslas all at once.  At first he ran around checking everyone out, then back to me, then back to them… then off to steal a stick from someone.  But after the first initial half hour he settled in to a routine of running ahead, and then checking back with me (or someone he thought was me) only to be off again. Luna would have been happy to just stay in the front, but I made sure to make her check back as well.

I find this picture pretty funny, interpret as you wish.

Overall everyone did fantastic.  Those that needed to keep a closer eye on their dog, or keep them out of trouble were in front keeping up with the leaders and keeping a hawk eye on everyone.  The two lead dogs had us walking at a pretty good pace for probably 2 hours.

Occasionally we did stop to check the signs and keep on track

Miss Tia decided to pose for me during on of said stops, as we waited for her mom to let us know which direction to go.

Nora stopped to point some birds

And did a great job checking back as well.  As I said everyone did great, outside of one minor scuffle (which happened so fast we don’t even know how it started) everyone behaved well.  I hope to continue to make meetups as we are able.

I was a little worried about Luna, as she can be a bit of a brat with dogs in her face.  But I managed to just keep her moving and she listened well when I would tell her to ignore somebody. My proud moment was when she was right next to the scuffle and called away from it when I asked her to.  In the past she might have tried to jump in and see what was going on, but outside of raising her ears she came away nicely for me.  Sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and get them out and see what you all are made of.  I am so happy I did, despite the big turnout.  Both dogs came home tired and happy.

Have a happy weekend all

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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10 Responses to More vizslas the merrier?

  1. Laurie Cahill says:

    Anna, thank you so much for sharing with us.. I can’t wait to meet you in person one day! WHAT a lovely fun day! xxxx

    • Anna says:

      No problem! I see you live in NC? Will you be going to nationals this year? I hope to go for the first time. Still have not planned much concerning it yet, but I really want to go.

  2. Ben says:

    It’s always fun to get a big group of vizslas together and watch them run! Your pictures capture it so well. I’m glad Wyatt got to play too! We are lucky enough to have a location where a large number of vizslas meet regularly on Saturday mornings. It’s always so much fun (a bit chaotic too).

    Just an FYI if you are considering going to nationals – the VCA room block opens this Wendesday, and from my experience, the rooms fill up FAST. We went last year for the first time and really enjoyed it.

    • Anna says:

      It is fun, usually in outdoor settings Luna rather hunt than play too much. That has to wear off before she bothers to realize who is with her lol. But she has fun either way. I would love to have a regular local meetup, most of the members of this group are a ways from me so it has been hard.

      Thanks for the VCA info! I made a sticky to check into it so I don’t miss out. Guess I gotta plan early.

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    Fantastic pictures. It sure sounds like a fun day. I bet the dogs were tired out that night.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Linda, Wyatt was totally wiiiiped out. Luna was not that tired at all, she still had the energy to whine from her bed for no reason. I tell you what there are some dogs who are sprinters, others are joggers, some marathoners… Luna is a stinkin marathon sprinter. I have yet to really wear her out this year.

  4. didiwright says:

    What great fun, for you and the dogs! The more puppies the merrier, that’s for sure. Especially when they’re well behaved like Luna and her friends 🙂 I loved the photos, all the dogs look in great condition and very, very happy. Thanks for sharing, Anna! x

    • Anna says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I look forward to being able to join in more meetups, especially after Luna behaved so well. Most of these dogs were in good shape, though I saw a couple that I would consider overweight, which just makes me sad when it’s a Vizsla as I know how active they like to be. Hopefully that run helped wear off some of those winter calories, I know it did me.

  5. These are beautiful – I really love the lighting in them. I also love dog meet up! Nothing beats seeing a group of friendly dogs frolic in play. The frost on the branches makes a gorgeous backdrop. I see your enjoying you new camera!

    • Anna says:

      It was a good day, I am enjoying the camera, though I admit I have not forced myself to learn too much since I first got it. I need to work on reading the manual again, just have not had the mental energy. Glad you enjoyed the photos, are there any Cav meetups there? Seems all the Cav owners here tend to be couch potatoes lol.

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