One kayak, two kayak..

Well, we decided to finally break down and buy some kayaks.  An impromptu stop at Sports Authority informed us of a 30% off sale going on for water sports, and it happened to end that very day (how convenient). So being the very compulsive responsible shoppers that we are  we decided to not only get 1 kayak but 2.  I mean sure we (the Mr. and I) could have taken turns and shared but unless somebody was going to wear a life jacket and float alongside, we couldn’t go on floats together.  So after some debating, and in all honesty I have been talking about getting a kayak since last year, we opted for 2 of the same.   We couldn’t wait to get them out for a test float.

You may be wondering how this relates to Luna….


Does this answer your question? Our maiden voyage in the new kayak went well. I knew I wanted one that Luna could ride in too when I wanted her to come with.


Plenty of room for both, I also figured I should get a sit inside kayak as I could get out with it more in the fall etc and not risk getting as wet. It makes fishing a little more tricky but we will figure it out eventually.

After our initial little ride I kicked her out. She was getting interested in some leaves floating by so I gave her a little nudge because she was lagging with her dismount and tipping the kayak.  She went right under the water and came up with her leaf she was watching. Swam off with it like nothing just happened. Silly girl. No worries she is not terrified in the least, from her plunge, and was trying to climb back in the kayak several other times.


Wyatt our lab didn’t get to ride in the kayak but he was happy to paddle along with us.


Both of our dogs are expert swimmers and have been swimming in current more than still water since they were puppies.  They really don’t need the life jackets but while we are kayaking it just gives us peace of mind.  They  can swim along with us, and we know even if they are getting tired that they are not going to sink. Luna is really good about going and taking breaks along the shore (taught her that as a puppy), not to mention she usually rather be hunting minnows along shore anyway, but I worry a little more about wyatt since he is a pure water lover and doesn’t care to be left behind.


Wyatt was a little uncomfortable in the life jacket at first (probably his panic instincts when restricted kicking in) so it took some time for him to relax. But by the end of our little float he was doing well and not working as hard to swim around.  Luna never had a problem with the life jacket, took it in stride the first time it was on… which is usually her way of doing anything new. Little miss confident.

Here are some additional photos from a couple other trips to the river for a swim. It has been a very hot July so swimming is one of the few outlets that wears the pups out safely.


Always on the hunt for minnows and bugs.


This is Yuma, my boss’ current German Shorthair Pointer puppy (GSP) We took her with us for her first river swim. She took to it much more quickly than her daddy did. She seemed to have the attitude of “well I am in it now, I may as well just go with it and not panic…” she seemed to have fun.


Not the prettiest swimmer yet but she was getting the hang of it in the end.


Wyatt wake coming at’cha


Handsome boy Wyatt

Luna-1526My minnow hunter

Hope you all are having a great weekend


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I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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3 Responses to One kayak, two kayak..

  1. Miss Kodee says:

    These are great photos! I love the one where her nose it just barely above the water!

  2. Donna says:

    How cool that they had that sale and you were able to score two kayaks. Loved hearing about your first trip, and how funny that Luna came back up out of the water leaf in hand (or muzzle). 🙂

    Very cute that they swim alongside you on your trips, and nice that you have the preservers for extra peace of mind.

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