Free treats???

It’s not often that packages arrive for the 4-leggers… call me cheap or frugal… but I think through dog purchases carefully, especially ones that involve treats which don’t last long.  But sometimes I just have to spoil them, especially when it’s free… but more on that later.

Luna and Wyatt are nosey by nature especially when treats are involved.

Luna often tries to use her paws as hands, sometimes it actually does help.

Sometimes she tries the cold shoulder method…

When her methods don’t work, I am always happy to lend a hand.

Look what they found.. a box full of goodies from Mr. Chewy

Dehydrate cheese treats, split deer antlers, some canned food for kong stuffing, Fromm Liver flavored biscuits… need I go on?

How did we get all this for free you ask?? Mr. asked us if we would do a review of of their website for them for a gift card. I was more than happy to oblige.  They wanted an honest opinion so here goes.

~*~Home Page / Webpage setup~*~


–  Great header displaying the free shipping deals and contact numbers on home page. No need to do a search for contact info

–  Inviting, colorful and interesting.  I like the menu bar at the top for basic categories.

– I like the further search categories on the left and brand search options to narrow things down for those looking for a particular brand.

–   Cart is easily modified

– Nice photos (yeah I am a photo critique, can’t help it being a photographer)


–  Searching by brands is tedious due to having to hit “back “and reopening the brand  menu.  I chose to search by brand due to not wanting to miss out on any treats.   Somehow when I searched by price I came up on some items I didn’t first see through the brand search.

– Would be nice to see some treat “type” search options maybe instead of brand.  Such as: chews, jerky, soft treats, training treats, made in USA treats etc. Just a thought, my theory is if people are set on a brand they will put it in a search by right away.

– The Promo Code box was difficult to find upon checkout, but eventually I located it on the far right hand side

– I wish there was a “keep shopping” option to make going back to search easier, rather than basically having to start your search all over.



-Love the deal on free shipping when you go over $49… and that the cart keeps you up to date on your progress towards this. It would really make it worth it to order my food from here, if the food I use (Great Life) was offered.

– I love their line about all dogs loving treats but too many makes them fatty pants… nice to see a company warn of giving too many treats to their pets.

-Flea & Tick prices are very comparable to others.  It was only $3 dollars more than Costco which is a great deal

– Deer antlers were found to be at a very reasonable price, and I liked that they offered split ones too.

– Merrick brand chews etc were comparably priced to one of my other go to companies (whitedogbone) which was nice to see.  Offering bulk prices would be even nicer 🙂

– Treat and Food prices were comparable to store prices as well as some online stores… and they did offer a great variety


– One of my biggest problems with this site is the fact that they choose to sell some very low quality brands. I feel if they are going to bother with some of the highest-end brands (ZiwiPeke, K-9, Fromm etc) then they shouldn’t bother (support) the lower end brands (Beneful, Purina, Cesar). I totally understand some have been feeding these brands for years, but to me it makes a statement.

–  I could not buy single cans of dog food, this was a big bummer as I had wanted to try out a few kinds but did not want to buy a case. I know this probably poses shipping problems for them.

~*~ Overall I was quite happy with the variety of selections, just wish they wouldn’t offer such low end brands as it just makes me sad that people buy these simply because they don’t know any better and they are offered.  I would love to see more bulk discounts, as that usually gets me back as a buyer.  The setup was quite good, and could be great with a bit of menu option changes, though search options/methods were great.  Prices were comparable, and the conveniences of shipping (which would end up free with a high end food purchase) would make it a great place to buy treats and food.  Thank you Mr. Chewy for your generosity, it gave me a chance to check out some brands and treats I have been wanting to try on my 4-leggers. They may not be picky but they love variety.

One of the chews I have been wanting to try is a split antler in a smaller size than the full deer racks my dogs have had as options. I ordered two medium (4-6 inches) split antlers for the pups to see what they thought.

Well proof is in the pudding… she carried it off to the bed and began to chew

Wyatt was soon to follow.  Luna worked hers for nearly 40 minutes and seemed to be enjoying it but then went to take a nap.  Wyatt in true Wyatt fashion chewed till he had broken it into pieces after nearly an hour.  So all in all the antlers were a success and I may have to bump size up to large for the split ones, good to know.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend…

PS. Luna also approves of the Newman’s Own cheese biscuit found on her nose.

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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10 Responses to Free treats???

  1. Beryl's Mum says:

    What an excellent, balanced review, well done:) We don’t have anything like Mr Chewy in New Zealand, but they have offered me a $25 gift voucher to give away, which I will be doing once I’ve shifted and settled in to our new home. It will be a ‘reverse house warming’ gift for someone, lol!

    • Anna says:

      Thanks. I tried to really be honest as they asked, as I feel it is the only way they will know if there are improvements to be made. Good luck with your move! Hope it all goes smoothly.

  2. I have heard of Mr Chewy’s from another blogger, I will have to check them out. Those are great photos, especially the last one 😉

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I had heard of them before too and was actually wondering how long it would be till they found me lol (wishful thinking). They really do have good prices, especially for food you can essentially get shipped for free. Like I said if they carried my brand for store price i would probably order from them as it would be easier than driving to pick it up.

  3. mrchewy says:

    We appreciate your honesty Anna!

    Thanks for the thorough review! Mr. Chewy is all wags after seeing how much Luna & Wyatt are enjoying their goodies! You voiced very valid points and we are already working on several points, the others will be next on the list!

    Feel free to email me with any specific product requests as well, we can get those added to Mr. Chewy’s wishlist for future ordering.


    Brent & Mr. Chewy!

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    Great pictures. Mr. Chewy sure gets around. The price of the food that we feed is $10 more per bag than we pay locally. Why would I do that? lol The treat prices seem more comparable.

    Not sure what you mean by low end brands. Looks to me like they offer quite a variety and many that I consider nutritional choices (both food and treats).

    • Anna says:

      What I meant as low end brands I thought I mentioned. I am not a fan of much of any Purina products even the Pro Plan… still has corn. Also DESPISE Beneful as it has tons of fillers and sugars and dyes to boot. Others were Cesar, Bil-Jack, Eukanuba (not that great of a food and you pay SO much for the name on the higher end version of theirs), Iams, Pedigree, and Iams… I am not a supporter of any of these brands and try and steer my clients away from them when I can. They do carry tons of the high end foods and treats, I mentioned that which is why I don’t know why they are bothering with the low end stuff.

      If you can find your food cheaper (what is it? your dogs look nice) locally then stick with that until they better their prices. Not saying you should order from them but it would be convenient if price were about the same (10 bucks is not).

  5. Ashley says:

    Love the pics! I would buy our Taste of The Wild food online, but Pet Food Express has a “buy 3 get the 4th free” policy on most items, so that takes our price-per-bag down to $37.50. Of course, that means I spend $150 at a time on dog food, but it’s a great discount.

    • Anna says:

      Hey that sounds like a great plan. Maybe you should tell chewy about it so they would offer something like that. I need to see if there is a Pet Food Express here. The problem is nobody carries out Great Life food as they don’t like to sell to chains from what I have seen. And I have no reason to switch as the dogs love it and do great on it.

  6. What a great review – your honesty is much appreciated! And it looks like you really did your homework with price comparisons. Woohoo, Wyatt and Luna finally got to try the split antlers. They do look very happy. Hope they enjoy the rest of their goodies!

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