Luna’s new obsession

What is Luna staring at????

They’re in that glass box there…

Here is a hint…

Now go on over to my Photo Blog to see more of her latest obsession…

About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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9 Responses to Luna’s new obsession

  1. Awesome geckos and awesome photos of them! What would Luna do nose to nose with one?

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Claire, she probably would eat it. She is not allowed to say hello to them, as I don’t want to feed into her obsession if I can help it. Plus I just don’t trust her instincts lol, no point taking a chance IMO with them being so small.

  2. Great photos, I bet that will keep her occupied for a while 😉

  3. didiwright says:

    Aw, bless her, look at her concentration… George does the same with Brianna’s hamsters, he could stare at them forever… Lovely photos, Anna. You know I adore Luna, and I happen to love geckos, too (I actually have 3 ornamental ones on my living room wall). x

    • Anna says:

      Haha!! Yeah I made the mistake of showing Luna the furry rodents at the pet stores one day…. she was OBSESSED! This is why we won’t ever have such rodents in the house, plus Geckos are just more fun anyway. Maybe that should be your next pet???? Take a look at the Crested Geckos, they probably are some of the easiest to keep, and are quite tame.

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    Luna probably thinks you got them just for her!

  5. That’s too funny. I was thinking it was going to be fish, or something more active. Isn’t it funny what catches and holds their attention sometimes?

    • Anna says:

      You are preaching to the choir Donna… I remember when Luna first noticed the second hands on a wall clock… and stood there fascinated with the movement… or the fuzz/hairball on the show ring floor who has her glued and totally ignoring the bait I am waving in her face. Sometimes it works to my advantage, like the fish tank at an old vet of ours… and many other times it creates more work for me. Stay tuned though as there is a rather fishy obsession in the works now.

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